Hannah Montana (character) is the name of a fictional retarded pop star on the stupid Disney series of the same name, Hannah Montana. This Hannah Montana is actually the show's famous character Miley Stewart singing at a public theater at night.


Hannah Montana, (the pop star) is a sexually provocative 16 year old girl who sings such bulls--- songs at her concerts, and appeals to pre teen and young adult girly girls. Her fans think she is good when she actually sucks feet. She goes to a typical high school as an average teen girl and becomes a sexual pop star at night, and sings with a scratchy voice. Hannah Montana is a girly girl who does drugs and farts sexy smelling gas, has beautiful smelling feet that smell like angels, and has a delicious butt that all of the girls like to smell. She also likes to show her legs to little 6 year old girly girls. She eats a lot of disgusting foods such as hamburgers, hot dogs, salad, and ketchup. Hannah does not have respect for Mickey Mouse, Disney's former legend. 


Starting around 2007, many retro Disney fans have criticized both The Disney Channel as well as the series for being too sexual or modern enough to destroy society. Many Disney viewers have also criticized the new format of the channel's programming as to calling it, "a sexual reference to Mary Poppins". Many older generations of the channel have also complained that nearly all recent Disney programming was about an average teenage girl going to school or becoming a celebrity. The show has also been controversial for its haywire in public shopping malls, and the increasing excitement of girls age (8-16) acting wild enough to cause a public meltdown during a performing concert. Around mid-2007, a recent survey of children's television estimated that the direction of programming is becoming unrelated to what has been during the 1980's and 1990's. Most retro-Disney fans also want Mickey Mouse back, because the older programs are more dedicated to himself. Also, the rapid increase of teen sitcoms since the 90's and decline of Saturday morning cartoons in the mid 00's. After the fall of Miley Cyrus' popularity in 2011 and the demand for kid-oriented celebrities, the controversy of Hannah Montana is also a blame to the downfall of the show's popularity. When the format of Disney Channel's programs transitioned in 2008, animated cartoons of original Disney characters were soon a distant memory of the past. The most blamed reason for Hannah Montana conflict is comments from YouTube saying, "Walt Disney is rolling over in his grave due to the programs forced to this generation".

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