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Tommy Pickles (born June 11, 1990; age 1 in the show, age today 27) is the protagonist from the former hit Nickelodeon series, Rugrats. He is a 1 year old boy who is the very quietest born and brave leader of the group and goes on adventures with his baby friends Chuckie Finster, Phil and Lil, Dil Pickles, Susie, and Kimi. His main enemy is Angelica Pickles, a 3 year old girly girl who hates Tommy and calls them "babies". He wears a blue shirt and diapers and talks in soft light whispers.


Tommy Pickles (short for Thomas Pickles) is a brave 1 year old boy and the quietest baby leader from the popular Nickelodeon TV show Rugrats. He is friends with a few other kids like Chuckie Finster, his best friend, Phil and Lil, Dil Pickles, Susie, and Kimi. He has an enemy named Angelica Pickles, a 3 year old girl who hates Tommy and likes to call them "babies". Angelica Pickles has a creepy doll that looks like Barbie, called Cynthia. Sometimes Tommy can be friends with Angelica, but most of the time they don't get along because Angelica thinks that they are "babies" because they are only 2 years old.
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Thomas Pickles was born on June 11, 1990. His parents were Stu Pickles (father) and Didi Pickles (mother).

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  • Tommy Pickles [himself]
  • Chuckie Finster [friend]
  • Phil Pickles [brother]
  • Lil Pickles [sister]
  • Dil Pickles [brother]
  • Susie [friend]
  • Kimi [relative]
  • Stu Pickles [father]
  • Didi Pickles [mother]
  • Grandpa Lou Pickles [grandfather]


  • Angelica Pickles []


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  • "A baby's gotta do what a baby's gotta do". -Tommy Pickles - Barbecue Story (1991)


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